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Welcome to Lindskov-Thiel Ranch. We are glad you stopped by for a visit.

Our ranch is located on the high plains of western South Dakota about 60 miles west of the Missouri River at Isabel. The purebred herd, including 250 Charolais and 200 Angus females, runs on native, shortgrass pastures where the annual rainfall is 16 inches per year and 20 to 25 acres are needed to run a cow.

The breeding program emphasizes calving-ease, big testicles and performance in our bulls; regular calving intervals and udder scores in our female lines; and quiet, docile temperaments, structurally sound feet and legs and moderate size in both.

We work hard at providing uncompromised customer service to make genetic selection at L-T a rewarding experience and believe our approach to breeding will give you confidence when you invest.

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36th Annual Lindskov-Thiel Bull Sale
Saturday, April 15, 2017

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